P90X: The First 24 Days

I’ve tried the P90X program before—in Thailand—with limited space, incorrect equipment, and overwhelming heat and humidity.

Even in those conditions, I loved the program and I saw great results. I didn’t make it the entire 90 days (I ended up coming home and didn’t continue) but in the time I did complete it, the results were exciting and very motivating.

So recently when deciding what exercise program I wanted to take on—gym workouts, personal training, bootcamps, etc—P90X was quick to rise to the top of the list. Why, you might ask?

Bottom line, it’s an easy program.

I don’t mean easy in that the workouts are a cinch and you don’t break a sweat. That is definitely not the case. I mean easy in that it’s a truly simple program to follow. One of the program’s mottos is “just keep pressing play.” That really is all you have to do. As long as you can give yourself an hour a day (1.5 hours on Yoga X days) and you keep hitting the play button, you are going to get a great work out and see fantastic results.

Side note: Obviously you need to be paying attention to nutrition and not eating junk every day, too.

Speaking of healthy eating, the program also includes a nutrition plan but I’ll admit I’ve never tried it. I’ve always been pretty picky on the types of healthy eating routines I do so I’m not interested in trying to learn another one. I’m sticking to good old Weight Watchers and that seems to supplement the exercise program just fine. I’m also attempting to stay away from processed foods just for my own piece of mind (WW doesn’t require that).

So all in all, I believe in P90X and that’s why I decided to give it a chance again, this time for the entire 90 days.

Today marks Day 24.

Let me give you a quick rundown on how the first three weeks played out.

Week 1

Not so great. I was super gung ho to start this thing, but I chose a very bad time to do it. Mainly, I was so excited to get moving that I started before I had all the equipment that I needed and in turn skipped two work outs that require certain things I didn’t have. It was a decent start though and I didn’t quit so that’s a plus!

Side note: You don’t need a ton of equipment—bands or weights and a yoga mat are pretty much it. I just didn’t have the bands!

Week 2

Also not so great. Once again, my timing for starting this thing was not great. I worked a three day trade show over the weekend which left no time (or energy) to do workouts. I feel like if I had started a few weeks earlier, I would have been in a routine enough to get those workouts in, but given that I just started and only had a few workouts under my belt, I let myself skip a few … and that’s not good!

Week 3

This week went fabulously well! After the tradeshow weekend I sat myself down and gave myself a little pep talk—no, not out loud. I basically told myself that I committed to these 90 days and I need to see them through. No excuses. If I can’t do something for 90 days, how am I going to adopt a new lifestyle for the rest of my life? And, how am I going to get into a bikini by vacation time!? (obviously just as important!)

So that began Week 3 and by the end of the week I was 7 for 7 in workouts! A perfect score!

How’s the weight and inches going, you might ask?

Well first off, I’m technically not supposed to weigh myself or check measurements until the 30, 60 and 90 day marks. However, I’ve also been doing a 10 day cleanse through Advocare that requires a weigh in and measurement check before and after, so I just so happen to have some numbers for you. I won’t be updating those numbers again for another nine days and then not for 30 more days after that.

So, in the first 24 days of the program, I’ve lost 8.8 pounds! Can’t complain about that J In the way of inches, I’ve lost a total of about 3.25, mostly in my waist and thighs—can’t complain about that either!

All in all, I’m feeling good and looking forward to the next 66 days!

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