P90X and Writing

I haven’t been around the blogging world for a little while. Both my Thai cooking blog and this one have been on hiatus for at least a few months—my apologies. There are a few different reasons for the leave of absence, mostly that I’ve been putting my writing time and effort into other avenues. There is only so much time for it in a day to write and I had to make a choice … and these blogs were the ones to suffer.

That being said, I’m back and ready to get this thing moving again. In order to do that and really keep myself accountable for writing regularly, I decided to use this blog (only for a couple months, I promise) to track my lifestyle journey.

When I talk about lifestyle, I’m talking about the basics—healthy eating and exercise.

I title my blog Rapture and Essence—love and life—and for me, a healthy lifestyle is the only way to truly feel good about the life I’m living.

My weight has been a very personal and emotional issue for me for many years. I’ve always struggled with my weight and it has always hindered me from truly enjoying everything life has to offer.

Most recently I’m struggling with a large amount of weight gain since returning from Thailand. While living halfway across the world I lost good deal of weight. Over the last year though (wow, I can’t believe I’ve already been home for a year) I’ve put all that weight back on. Who knew that bringing processed foods, carbs, sugar and dairy back into a person’s life can lead to weight gain?

I hope you sense the sarcasm there.

In all seriousness though, if I had really been paying attention to my health, I never would have let myself get to where I am now … overweight (again) and unhappy with myself and my physical wellbeing.

Because of that (and vacation to Mexico on November 22nd!), 24 days ago I decided to embark on a new lifestyle journey of healthy eating and exercise, specifically using the P90X exercise program.

I’m hoping that with the combination of that program and a healthy food regiment I will be able to slowly but surely reach my health and fitness goals … and in turn, truly begin loving my life again.

So it’s a double whammy. I’m writing this blog to keep myself accountable to writing, but also to keep myself accountable to the new habits I’m committing to.

Over the next 66 days (the remaining length of the P90X program), I will provide updates on my workouts, how my eating is going, great recipes I’ve found, struggles I’m encountering, and accomplishments I’m achieving.

Feel free to tune in … or not. I promise when P90X is over, I’ll return this blog to regular programming.


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