A Moment

I had a moment today.

You know the kind of moment I’m talking about – when your life is going a mile-a-minute and then all of a sudden everything slows down and you’re given a chance to actually think. All of the hustle and bustle of work and family and friends and life slide to the back burner and you get a chance to just be.

It’s been awhile since I’ve had one of those moments.

Life has been crazy busy the last few weeks and I barely have time to eat or sleep let alone think. Work has been quite the adventure – new training classes, a week in California for a trade show, new roles and responsibilities. Family has also been a rollercoaster – selling my grandmother’s house, awaiting my new little niece, trying to find time to see everyone. Add in three weeks of bronchitis and its aftermath, time with friends, gym and healthy eating attempts, time for the cooking blog (and this one for that matter), a new cat (or rather taking back my old cat), and you have quite the busy schedule.

As much as I would like to, I haven’t had much time to just sit back and enjoy.

Needless to say, it was a welcomed surprise today when I had that moment of just being.

I was driving from my apartment in Redmond out to the North Bend offices for a meeting. Rather than taking the freeway, I decided to take the long way through Fall City, past Snoqualmie Falls, and through the back roads of North Bend.

It’s a beautiful drive. There are very few cars so the pace is languid and leisurely. The road meanders through wooded areas, past fields and farms, and then up through the winding hills. The weather was beautiful too – a bright and sunny day requiring sunglasses. What a treat.

As I wound my way through the beautiful scenery, I forgot about where I was headed. I forgot about the crazy week I just finished in California and the equally busy weekend that just ended. I stopped thinking about the rest of my meetings of the day, the training class I’m teaching tomorrow, and the cupcakes I have to make for my supervisor’s birthday. I didn’t think about the past nor was I thinking about the future … I was living in the moment – just being.

And you know what?

It was a great moment.

Yes, life can be busy and completely overwhelming. Yes, it can be difficult to find time to stop and smell the roses. Yes, all the stresses and obligations and time consuming tasks can get in the way of truly enjoying a day for what it is.

But every once and awhile, a moment comes along that allows you to just be … and it is in those moments that you can truly appreciate life. Busy work days, hectic schedules, mile-a-minute calendars included.


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